• 18 different designs

    in two different colors

  • no metal

    extremely light




The MONOCEROS is made from a single piece of horn. This guarantees a harmonious and consistent color and pattern direction over the entire version. The horn of the glasses front is bent by almost 90° around the front end piece.


The driving factor behind the development of this new manufacturing method was the need to process the natural, non-sticky and non-laminated horn into a frame of a certain thickness.

manufacturing process.

Based on an innovative manufacturing process which had previously found applications only in aerospace, a one-of-a-kind production process was designed to produce remarkable spectacle frames made of natural horn.


The frame’s distinctiveness is further evident in the screwless wooden hinge, which prevents unintended opening and closing of the temple and thus ensures particularly smooth movement of the hinge.

glazing system.

Through a specially designed and patented glazing system the natural horn achieves optimum stability. A special nylon cord passes through the tiny hole drilled in the front, holding the lenses in place. This makes it unnecessary to compromise the integrity of the frame to mount lenses.

handcrafted in austria.

With untiring effort, a very small circle of select employees has spent recent years experimenting in-house on research and development for a new horn processing technology. MONOCEROS natural horn frames are produced in a small factory in Austria.

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